Bail FAQ

Q: What is a bail bond?
A: A bail bond, or "surety bond," is a written promise signed by a defendant or another acting in place of the defendant to pay a fixed amount determined by a court if the defendant fails to appear before court on a designated date and time.

Q: Someone I know was arrested. What should I do?
A: Call WAVE right away and tell us what you can about the situation. We can explain the bail bond process, answer your questions, and start work on getting your loved one out of jail.

Q: What information should I have before I call?
A: We'll do our best to work with whatever information you have to give us. But in order for us to provide the fastest service possible, it's a good idea to know:
Q: What is my responsibility if I bail someone out of jail?
A: As the person who bails someone out of jail, you agree to act as the co-signer. This means you must guarantee that the defendant make his or her scheduled court appearances. If the defendant does not appear, the full amount of the bond will be placed on your liability, or at the very least, the expenses required to bring the defendant back into custody.

Q: Which areas does WAVE Bail Bonds cover?
A: The bail bond agents at WAVE Bail Bonds can personally serve anyone in the Southern California area. However, if your loved one is arrested outside of our coverage, we can help you find a bail bond agent who can assist you.

Q: When is WAVE Bail Bonds available?
A: WAVE is open for clients 24/7. We are proud to have bail bond agents available throughout the year.

Q: I live in another state, but someone I know was arrested in California. Can WAVE post bail for him/her?
A: WAVE Bail Bonds is happy to offer services to anyone in need of help. With our paperless bail bond process, we can send you all the information you'll need through our secure online servers instantly. Simply fill out the forms online and email them back. We'll handle the rest.

Q: Does WAVE Bail Bonds offer discounts?
A: The bail bond rate can only be lowered for a select few. The following clients may receive a 20% discount off the bail bond fee:
Q: What forms of payment do you accept for bail bonds?
A: WAVE accepts:
Q: Can I get help paying for a bail bond?
A: WAVE offers payment plan options and financing to help cover the bail bond amount. We wish to offer our services to you in any way we can and will try to find a solution to your financial problems.

Q: Do I need collateral for a bail bond?
A: At WAVE Bail Bonds, we offer no collateral bail bonds to qualifying clients. A client's signature and guarantee to pay may be all we need to post bail for a loved one.

Q: What happens after a person is arrested?
A: When a person is arrested, they are taken to a local police station for the booking process. The person's fingerprints and picture will be taken, and his or her name and other information will be searched in a nationwide computer database. This process can take anywhere from one hour to half a day to finish based on the size of the jail. Once this procedure is complete, bail bonds can be posted.

Q: What is own recognizance?
A: Own recognizance, or O.R. for short, refers to the practice which allows a detainee to be released on the condition that he or she appear in court on a given date. A bail bond is not required for the detainee's release. The option of O.R. is left to the judge's discretion, but is relatively common for those arrested on suspicion of less serious crimes.

Q: What happens to a defendant who is not bailed out?
A: If no one bails out a defendant, he or she will be kept in jail until the court determines their fate.


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