Bailing Someone Out

When someone is arrested, a friend, relative, attorney, or the defendant him/herself can contact WAVE to start the bail process. WAVE is a bail bond company that works with you to help get the arrested person out of jail. We will try to gather as much information about the defendant and the situation as possible.

Once we know the details, the person interested in bailing out the defendant (known as the co-signer or indemnitor) must decide to take responsibility for the bail bond. This means he or she is held responsible for the defendant's appearance in court on their specified date and time. We will fill out the bail bond application and indemnity agreement and send out the remaining paperwork to the co-signer within just a few minutes, either through fax or by email with our paperless bail bond process.

When the bail bond paperwork is filled out completely, we'll take care of the rest. One of our licensed bail bondsmen will post the bail bong at the jail, which will allow the defendant to be released. The entire process can be completed in an hour.

However, keep in mind that no bail bonds company can begin the bail bonds process until after the defendant has gone through the process of arrest and booking, which can take anywhere from an hour to half a day depending on the size of the jail.

Before the defendant is freed, he or she is given a date and time at which the defendant is expected to appear in court. The co-signer/indemnitor is responsible for the defendant's appearance in court. If the defendant fails to arrive at the given time, the full cost of the bail, or at the very least the costs incurred in to recover and arrest the defendant again will fall on the co-signer. As the co-signer, it is important to be able to trust the defendant and know where he or she is during the designated court date.


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