The Way Bail Is Set

In California, the cost of bail is set by county. Judges in each county set bail amounts each year by specific crime codes. Many factors are taken into account based on the area's jurisdiction. California's bail amounts are the highest in the U.S., with Los Angeles and Orange Counties at the top of the list.
Bail amounts set by the county may be "enhanced" under certain situations.

A DUI bail, for example, may start at $5,000 for first offense, but can increase to $100,000 if the defendant caused injury or death to others.

These specific amounts listed in the bail schedules (including bail enhancements) are more like guidelines than regulated numbers. A judge may set the bail at his or her own discretion, deciding whether to leave the bail amount as is, or to raise or lower it. Judges consider the following when setting bail amounts:
In some cases, the judge may decide to disallow the bail, in which case the defendant must stay in jail until his or her trial. If the judge decides to disallow bail, we will be unable to offer our bail bond services to get your loved one out of jail.

The judge may also decide to release the defendant on his or her "own recognizance." Own recognizance, or O.R. for short, refers to the practice which allows a detainee to be released on the condition that he or she appear in court on a given date.

A bail bond is not required for the detainee's release. The possibility of a judge releasing a defendant on his/her O.R. is more common for those arrested on suspicion of less serious crimes.


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